Steve Jobs (left) told three stories in his 2005 Stanford University commencement address, each employing the Hero’s Journey story archetype. Dr. Martin Luther King told just one in his famous 1963 ‘I Have a Dream’ speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, employing the archetype The World the Way It Is/The World the Way It Could Be.

Although I know several great writers, I know very few great storytellers.

Because a story is a particular type of writing that emphasizes an emotional arc of challenge, personal growth, triumph or tragedy, writing a story is a different experience (for the writer) than journalism, or technical writing, or ad…

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I’ve been organizing more of my writing around a new a concept that I call Self Actual Engineering. The term is a reference to the famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow, who described a theory of human motivation that placed something called “self actualization” at the top, as far back as…

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Jordan Peterson has compiled a course called ‘Self-Authorship’ offered here that promises prompts to guide people thru the construction of the stories of their past, present, and ideal future lives.

If the course does what it claims, then it will tap into the deep, human need for making sense…

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According to the Attachment Theory of relationships, romantic commitments require a constant renegotiation between two competing existential fears:

  1. Fear of abandonment, and
  2. Fear of enmeshment.

People who experienced abandonment trauma during childhood are more likely in adulthood to fear abandonment by their romantic partners.

People who experienced exploitation and abuse…

Leo Savage, founder of Steel Mace Flow, tests his parasympathetic nervous system response in the Morozko Forge ice bath. Click thru the image to learn more about the intangible psychological benefits of deliberate cold exposure.


Although I teach Engineering Business Practices at Arizona State University, I also co-founded an ice bath start-up company called Morozko Forge, and it’s been keeping me Jason Stauffer and Adrienne Jezick pretty busy this week because we just had an experience that most entrepreneurs only dream of.

Joe Rogan did…

Thomas Jefferson codified “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as the inalienable human rights the Government is obligated to defend, but he never explained what people might be expected to sacrifice to obtain these rights, because a “right” is not a “value.” Too often, people confuse the two. (Photo by Alicia Razuri on Unsplash).

Every organizational leader must concern themselves with the decisions made at all levels of their organization. Even the lowest paid employees, at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy, are making decisions that help shape the future of the organization.

And because every decision is an irreversible commitment of resources, the…

Toys are a great way to ignite our imaginations, even if we don’t always know how the resulting fire is going to burn. When work as done fails to conform to work as imagined, sometimes things get broken. Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Everyone who has spent more than two days in a job has discovered that the description of and practice of their job are often two different things.

For example, in my job as a University professor, you might think my job is teaching, mentoring, and research. In fact, much of…

Thomas P Seager, PhD

Self-Actual Engineering. @seagertp

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