Morals, ethics, and laws perform different functions and operate at different scales. They can sometimes be in conflict with each other, because what is moral (to you) may be different from what is ethical (to your group), or legal (to society).

Moral Sensations are Like Taste Buds

We all have them, yet we experience them differently

Moral Reasoning Requires Moral Sensations

As a parent, my instinct was always to kiss the tears off my children’s cheeks.

Moral responsibilities are always to others.

The most difficult moral questions are not between right and wrong, but between right and right, or wrong and wrong.

Ethics are shared moral expectations among members of a group

Moral acts are always out of consideration for others, but ethical acts can be self-interested at the scale of the group.

Legal considerations exist at the scale of society as a whole.

Moral reasoning and the Industrial Revolution

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