No, he doesn’t “has to" do anything, Annie Zelm and it’s just silly to think he does.

The responses on this thread are… bizarre.

A.J. Kay posts a really interesting article that says, “What I did for years and years made everything worse. I changed my approach and now it’s getting better!”

And the responders, including marjorie steele, Jordan Chandler, Annie Zelm, Luis Yu, and ME are writing back to criticize or correct her, and telling she’s somehow doing something wrong.

We’ve all lost our minds.

If we were smarter, we’d be asking her to share more of her secrets.

How I read this now is that she’s getting him to do some parenting stuff for the first time in… I dunno… forever?


We are unworthy readers. I retract my earlier response.

I want more of what AJ Kay has got. I’m going to try things that are more like what she’s doing. Self-Actual Engineering @seagertp Join